Wealth Management

Unrelenting in the pursuit of our clients’ goals and objectives

We believe successful wealth management starts with understanding your personal goals and objectives. The preservation and enhancement of your wealth is our mission and seeking opportunity for you is our mandate—difficult market conditions, shifting industry trends or other market factors are not obstacles, but opportunities.

Our flagship Wealth Management platform offered through LPL Financial is called Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP).

With MWP, we build theme-based strategic and tactical investment portfolios for a broad range of investment preferences such as risk-aware, income-generation, opportunistic, and tax-conscious investing. We provide ongoing monitoring, rebalancing, and tax management.

Each portfolio we construct for you combines professionally designed asset allocation strategies and disciplined mutual fund and Exchange Traded Product (ETP) selections that are aligned with your unique investment goals. Additionally, the MWP platform features industry leading-strategists including, among others, LPL Financial Research, Blackrock, JP Morgan Asset Management, Innealta Capital, and Alpha Simplex Group. Each of the strategists brings unique investment philosophies, knowledge and expertise to MWP.

MWP was awarded the Advisory Solutions Product of the Year in 2010 by Money Management Institute (MMI), the leading national organization for the advisory solutions industry. This prestigious industry award is granted to the firms that launched the most innovative advisory platform that contributed to the growth of the industry.